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Post your thoughts on how the Southland’s mobility crisis has impacted you. Maybe tell us if you think such a system would make L.A. more livable, and get you and others to take public transit more often.

Email your friends about the plan, and let’s get more people talking about how rail can make our great region even better!



Los Angeles is a world city - the city of dreams in the “Can Do” country. And yet every day most of us are forced to endure the stress of sitting in mind-numbing traffic, losing quality time that could be spent with our family and friends, wasting expensive fuel, and polluting Mother Earth. At this vital crossroad, we believe that the citizens of this great region have the capacity to support solutions to this mobility crisis and the problems associated with it.

Not so long ago, we Angelinos were posed with a comparable gargantuan challenge of school overcrowding. We came together, committed to a quick, widespread and sufficient solution, and as a result children who entered elementary schools busting at the seams now have a choice of brand-new state of the art schools to attend. Similar action is needed in this effort.

The Get LA Moving Plan is the product of exhaustive research and an open citizen-led dialogue, which sought input from numerous community leaders and many of the region’s transportation engineers, planners and transit advocates. Our goal is to get our county’s elected representatives to take our traffic mess seriously, and to support mobility solutions that will improve our quality of life. We need them join hands to develop and fund a master plan as extensive as the Get LA Moving Plan to quickly build a safe, clean, fast and accessible rail system that will connect our many centers, improve our local economies, strengthen our small businesses, cultivate our diverse communities and improve our environment. When they lead, we will follow. But many of them need to be shown the way, and that's where we need your help.

Like so many things in politics, change will only come from the grassroots up. So we’re asking you to take part in this important discussion about the future of our county, and invite you to sign-up, and express to our leaders and fellow citizens that if we build it, Angelinos will ride!